The album 'Town hall, 1962' by Ornette Coleman
Ornette Coleman – Town Hall, 1962

Town Hall 1962”-a wonderful record.

 Ornette was one of the greatest melodicists in jazz (if not the greatest). This record is full of blues-drenched stream-of -consciousness melodic improvisation, especially on ‘The Ark’, which takes up all of side two.

I love the sound of this recording, and Ornette’s vocal tone never sounded better.

On “Sadness”, everything is reduced to the melody, delivered over David Izenzohn’s arco bass and Charles Moffet’s sparse drumming. 

It’s all there- the aching, vocal tone and the melodic line continuously modulating as it pours out a pure lament. If I had to pick one piece of Ornette’s it might well be this one.