With Emperors New Clothes

         Unsettled Life –  Acid Jazz 1993

         Wisdom & Lies –Acid Jazz 1995

         East On the West Road (live)- Acid Jazz 1999

         Sleepjunk– Acid Jazz 2023 (Recorded 1996)

With Jerry Dammers as Tone Productions
featuring Brudda Nay Cha

           Track- World Mutation (Made in his image),
Album- Rebirth of Cool 4-Fourth & Broadway 1994

With Ken Hyder & Z’ev

In the Shaman’s Pocket – Ayler records 2008

          Ghost Time– Hinterzimmer Records 2012

With Robert Logan

          Flesh– Slowfoot 2015


          Flesh Decomposed– Slowfoot 2016

With Lascelles Gordon
as Vibration Black Finger

           Vibration Black Finger (EP)- Enid Records 2016

           Blackism– Enid Records- 2017

 With Lascelles Gordon

            Red Flame (EP)-Enid Records 2021

With Le Volume Courbe

            Fourteen Years (EP)-2020