Andy Knight and his pocket trumpet

Andy Knight is a British multi-intrumentalist, at various times playing saxophone, trumpet, cornet, flutes,  piano, melodica, sampler, bells, zither, found objects, etc.

Andy co-founded the band ‘Emperors New Clothes’ (ENC) in the late 80’s in Newcastle with bassist Luke Hannam. The band signed to Acid Jazz and continued through various personel changes until ’96.

He also worked with Jerry Dammers in the early 90s.

After Luke Hannam and other members left ’Emperors New Clothes’ to form the ESG influenced band ’Gramme’, Andy continued working with his sampler and instruments on a series of tracks and demos, some of which can be heard on his playlist ‘Broken Signals’ on SoundCloud.

From 2000 on Andy became more involved with improvisation, regularly attending Maggie Nicols’ weekly ‘Gathering’ sessions in London and then teaming up with drummer Ken Hyder. He formed a trio with Ken and the American percussionist Z’ev, releasing the CD ‘Ghost Time’.

Other improvising projects included saxophone/dance duet performances in Moscow and elsewhere,  trumpet with wolves in Hungary and playing with Z’ev and traditional Siberian musicians at SOAS, London.

Andy worked with Lascelles Gordon on several projects, including ‘Vibration Black Finger’ and their duo EP ‘Red Flame‘.

He also collaborated with electronic musician Robert Logan, appearing on his albums ‘Flesh’ and ‘Flesh Decomposed’.

After 27 years, Sleepjunk, the third studio album of Emperors New Clothes (ENC) has finally been officially released by Acid Jazz Records.

Andy is now based in Southern France with his family.